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Hello, I’m the new editor

Hello, I’m the new editor

Hello, I am Patrick Tanguay, the new editor of E-180 Magazine. For almost three years I’ve been editor of The Alpine Review, a print magazine we like to describe as a “compendium of ideas for a world in transition.” When we started the magazine we felt that many parts of society were (are) going through deep transitions, mixing together, changing, disappearing and being invented. We thought that a place to think on those topics and changes was needed, which is why we decided to put the project together. Each article is an occasion to delve into a topic, to learn about and often connect with the practitioners and inventors of that topic.

I’m mentioning this by way of introduction but also because I feel it feeds very well into E-180’s mission to “explore everything new in peer-to-peer learning, in our personal lives, our society and in how we do business.” Because of those ongoing transitions, many among us need to learn about new careers, new methods for our work, to jump into new fields of inquiry for projects or simply—thanks to everything being connected—discover new passions we want to learn about.

In this changing landscape, many organizations and people turn into hybrids, exploring new domains, adapting. How many are working in the domain they studied for? How many inventing their career as they go? Merging previously separate jobs into one or splicing in all new disciplines? How many organizations adjusting their direction, their mission, their intent?

The one way to stay relevant and adaptable is to keep learning. All the time. And when things are new and being created, learning with / through others, learning by sharing, is often not only the best but the only way to learn.

So that’s what brings me here. In an era of transitions, being aware of what’s going on and learning across disciplines (and history) is the only way to be relevant. Exploring shared learning is our way to give you (and ourselves) the best tool to accomplish this.

We are also in the (very, very) early stages of planning to feature this thinking into a print magazine, likely sometime in the first half of 2016. We’ll keep you posted.

I hope you like what we’ll be offering here and would love to hear your topic or contributor ideas. You can email me at ptanguay [at], here in the comments or on Twitter @inevernu.

Photo: A spread from The Alpine Review.

Patrick Tanguay

Editor-in-Chief for E-180 Publications. Obsessively curious transdisciplinary thinker and learner. I help connect people and ideas.