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Fortnightly Links No.26

We believe that to always keep learning is the best strategy a person, group or organization can adopt and live to remain effective, active, relevant and, well, happy. Every two weeks we send the most relevant articles in becoming better learners. We look at how people learn from and with each other.

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6 reasons why you should ‘Skill UP’ (3 min read)

Simon Ward at ustwo digital product studio—the makers of Monument Valley for one thing (see header image for an idea)—takes us through how they easily setup a knowledge sharing framework and some of the advantages.

Simply put, ‘Skilling UP’ is an initiative to help people share their knowledge and experience with others in the studio. By establishing structure around teaching and learning from each other, and pushing people to share their expertise, we’re trying to create an even more social and open sharing environment where both the business and the individuals can benefit.

Challenge: Make Informal Learning Visible & Valuable (4 min read)

Very interesting case study of two presenters using their talk (formal) on Informal Learning to trigger and then analyse all the social and informal learning which ensued.

The experiment of challenging participants in the session to post examples of informal learning (the “70”) and social learning (the “20”) on Twitter demonstrates the power of a formal learning session (the “10”) to act as a catalyst to cause 70-20 learning.

The Golden Age of Autodidacts (16 min read)

A good long read on Psychology Today about autodidacts with quotes and opinions from multiple authors. It also covers learning styles, procrastination, structure and accountability.

The difference between self-directed learners and everyone else is as soon as school or work stops serving their life goals, they don’t stick around. They ditch the well-trodden path, bust out the map and compass, and cut cross-country to virgin territory…self-directed learners take full responsibility for their educations, careers, and lives.

Are we a learning organization? (5 min read)

The author quickly synthesizes some of Peter Senge’s thinking in The Fifth Discipline. Good points and directions for further research.

“Learning organizations are organizations where people continually expand their capacity to create results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspirations are set free and where people are continually learning how to learn together.”

6 important things you should know about how your brain learns (7 min read)

The title says it all but of particular interest for me are the sleep, teaching and interleaving sections. (Found via Tanmay Vora’s sketchnote of the article which you should also check out.)

Though we don’t realize it, learning with the idea that we’ll have to teach this information later tends to invoke better methods for learning subconsciously.


Collaborative Learning in Libraries (2 min read)

How the Chattanooga (TN) Public Library setup a test class / space for collaborative learning using online material and onsite staff. Good example to look into for any setting.

A co-learning environment that uses existing teaching resources to teach others new skills does not require instructors to have an in-depth subject knowledge. This gives libraries the opportunity to bring people together to learn without the burden of being the expert in these very specialized subject areas.

Expertise (2 min read)

[S]erial mastery at a personal level, or the ability to facilitate the partnership of multiple masters from different subjects, is where creativity and innovation happen

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