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Fortnightly Links no.29

We believe that to always keep learning is the best strategy a person, group or organization can adopt and live to remain effective, active, relevant and, well, happy. Every two weeks we send the most relevant articles in becoming better learners. We look at how people learn from and with each other.

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School is starting, lets do a formal education special! I’m kidding. Over here we’re still all about self-directed and collaborative learning.
In this issue; scalable learning, re-imagining a new era, heutagogy, connected learning and a look at our beautiful short run “Issue Zero” print magazine.

The future of work is scalable learning

Marginalia • 7 min read

Some common mentions around an accelerating world and disruption but still, good insights in this interview with John Hagel. How organizations should favour scalable learning vs scalable efficiency, performance pressure vs stress vs passion and the importance of developing the ability to connect.

There needs to be a shift to a fundamentally different approach to organising work. It is something that I call scalable learning: it is a commitment to the notion that if everyone in the work environment learns faster, performance improvement will increase more rapidly and the company will gain more benefits. But, it involves redefining the work environment at a fundamental level.

A 21st Century Education: Reimagining Learning For A New Era

DIY Genius • 34 min read

Here the author refers to “self education” as much as “education.” He uses an interesting format, presenting 10 insights based on 10 books, citing each profusely. From authors like Wagner, Dweck, Pink, Csikszentmihalyi and Robinson. Looks like a super long read but you can breeze through some of the quotes.

It’s people like you and me — not just institutions — that need to reimagine the role of learning in our lives by spending more time following our curiosity, exploring, creating, sharing and experimenting with our ideas.

How Self-Managed Companies Help People Learn on the Job

Harvard Business Review • 5 min read

The debate rages on concerning self-managed companies but these three suggestions for experiments in principles of self-reorganization as they relate to learning are good directions to try out.

At the level of designing the work, Googlers agree within teams on group OKRs (Objectives & Key Results), which individuals raise their hands to take on, and people can add their own personal OKRs at any time. The impact on employee development is extraordinary. People are motivated to learn and grow because they have greater control over the path they take.

Connected Curiosity • 1 min read

Super short one from Harold Jarche but I just had to include it here because of this simple quote and clear visual.

The core skill is curiosity. Curiosity about ideas can improve creativity. Curiosity about people can improve empathy, through understanding others. We cannot be empathetic for others unless we are first curious about them. We cannot be creative unless we are first curious to learn new ideas.

Journeys of discovery, discomfort and breakthrough

Heutagogy Community of Practice • 3 min read

Heutagogical or self-determined learning. How learning happens everywhere and how choosing, organizing, directing it yourself brings other lessons.

[T]ransformational experiences as learning are often not those neatly labelled and packaged as ‘learning’. It is often those experiences that we self-determine—our heutagogical journeys of discovery, discomfort and breakthrough—which can shape our identities, beliefs and behaviours.


Leadership and The Art of Effective Listening

Qaspire • 1 min read + sketch

In fact, ability to truly listen (and not just hear) is the foundation of having a conversation, building trust, influencing others, resolving conflicts, driving your vision, building relationships, implementing change and learning.

The Learning Hack That Lets Me Read 50-Plus Books a Year

Inc. • 3 min read

Change your mindset, schedule learning and find accountability.

This process is not complex. All you need to do is change the way you view learning. Make it into a must, schedule it into your calendar and treat it like something that can’t ever be moved, then find a way to make yourself accountable with your learning.

Why ‘punching the clock’ is the easiest way to kill your creative momentum

The Startup • 6 min read

For the end of summer, a bonus third extra. One of my favorites, Jory MacKay, interviews designer Dann Petty. It’s about creativity … and lots of surfing.

Your work is a curation of your experiences — the moments that touched you, the colors you’re drawn to, the way things make you feel.










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