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We Seek Newsletter No.47

Header image from the Quartz article on creativity

Ingenuity • Montessori • Robots • Feedback Loops • Mass Collaboration

I hope you’ll pardon me for saying; this is an especially good issue and I’d like to draw your attention to our two We Seek articles, one about a great Mozilla project and the other by a co-founder of the much touted Element AI.

In Search of Ingenuity

strategy+business • 8 min read

Frames some good lessons on ingenuity around the discovery and production of penicillin. Could also be told as “inspiration is nothing without execution.”

The pursuit of innovation doesn’t depend on genius. Instead, it demands ingenuity — the ability to come up with solutions that are original and clever given the constraints that you and everyone else face…
As technologies and markets converge, ideas appear to many people at the same time. At first, those ideas are out of reach, but gradually the gap between what’s possible and what’s practical gets smaller. Ingenuity enables a company to jump that gap before its competitors do.

Robots Can Restore Our Humanity

LinkedIn • 8 min read

Hagel has already covered much of this ground in other articles, including some I’ve shared here, but I’m including it for the framing below. Independence and development; resilience through velocity.

We’ll begin to realize that, unless we can more effectively integrate our passion with our profession, we will never develop as rapidly as our rapidly changing environment requires. As the means of production become more affordable and our ability to commercialize our work through platforms increases, we will find this a more attractive and sustainable option, especially in the growing arena of specialized and tailored products and services.

What Machine Learning Is Teaching Us About Human Learning

InformED • 9 min read

Quite a fascinating compilation of some intriguing insights on how we learn. Our bodies aid our memory, metaphors as learning tools, learning-by-doing and shared experiences.

“People focus their attention like a spotlight in space, […] objects in the same spotlight are linked together, or bound, in working (or short-term) memory.”

Building a Better Feedback Loop

We Seek • 12 min read

“Success today means helping and empowering other people. So how do we get better at listening to—and learning from—what they have to tell us?”

An AI Sidekick of One’s Own

We Seek • 8 min read

“It was only a matter of time before I started thinking of the possibilities of an omnipresent AI instructor flying with me while I do a performance flight.”

We’re Entering A New Era of Mass Collaboration

Inc • 5 min read

Cross-field collaboration through bounties, research consorts, open data and science as well as collaboration as competitive advantage.

The truth is that today the possibilities of many technologies far exceed the ability of any one firm to capitalize on them. So the key to competitive advantage is no longer to optimize value chains, but to extend capabilities through collaboration, either directly or through platforms. In a networked world, the best way to become a dominant player is to be an indispensable partner.

A Blueprint for supporting Modern Professional Learning

Modern Workplace Learning Magazine • 4 min read

Part two in this series by Jane Hart, this one focusing on practical things employees and their managers can do to support modern professional learning. Also take time to have a look at the blueprint itself.

At the heart of this model is a self-reliant, modern employee who addresses their own learning and performance problems, organizes and manages their own professional goals, continuously learns and keeps up to date, builds their own (personally-selected) learning toolkit and maintains their own digital portfolio.

How The Montessori Method Applies to Today’s Workplace

Evernote • 6 min read

Nothing incredibly new in the conclusions but still, good points and worth a read for the first part which recaps Montessori’s exceptional life and career.

How many of us get stuck in the way we’ve always done something, rather than reacting to what’s actually happening? Instead of imposing a one-size-fits-all solution or way of thinking, trust yourself to develop your own path.

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Header image from Creativity will be the source of our next industrial revolution, not machines.

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