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Our Focus

What can you do to advance, to evolve? How can you reach your state of flow? Most importantly, what strategies and tactics can help you or your organization become more knowledgeable and effective, more focused and balanced?

All of us at E-180 are constantly seeking answers to these questions, assembling new ideas and expanding our knowledge. We start from our core beliefs–keep learning and unlearning; nurture your creativity; seek collaboration and challenge what you know about yourself.

Our research is focused on self-directed collaborative learning and its evolution because, quite frankly, we have a passionate love for how people learn together. This mag is where we gather our best findings.

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Patrick Tanguay
Patrick Tanguay

Editor-in-Chief for E-180 Publications. Obsessively curious transdisciplinary thinker and learner. I help connect people and ideas.


Christine Renaud
Christine Renaud

Christine is the CEO of E-180. She graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education as a Knox Fellow, focusing on informal learning. She has shared her work on collaborative learning at conferences such as SxSW, C2 Montréal, Morgan Stanley’s Women Summit & TEDxLA.

E-180 Labs

We transform events, spaces and organizations into peer‑learning hubs.